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Manufacturing Range: 

Inside Diameter Range:             .75”  to  7.0”

Wall Thickness Range:             .045”  to  .500”

Length Range:                           .25”  to  300”



Miami Valley Paper Tube manufactures spiral wound paper tubes and paper cores for a wide variety of industries in an even wider variety of dimensions and sizes.

We enjoy the chance to grow with our customers.  From box quantity to truckload quantity each customer can expect our same second-to-none service.  For this reason we have always and will always have



Tape and Label Cores

Miami Valley Paper Tube Co. has specialized in the manufacture of paper cores for the tape and label industries.  We are known in the tape and label industry for our consistent quality and solution providing abilities.

Converting Cores

Cores made to customer’s specifications for the converting of paper, film, plastic, foil, rubber, foam, etc…

Mailing and Shipping Tubes

Tubes made to customers specifications for mailing and shipping are available with plastic or metal end caps.

Additional Services

We can print your logo or other information on the inside or outside of your tubes and cores in black or other colors.  We can also make tubes and cores in a variety of colors and finishes.


If your specific paper tube or paper core need is not listed here we still may be able to provide a solution.  Contact us or visit the Quote Page to find out.

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