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Have a question about our product or a quote?


Where are you located?

We are located near Cincinnati, OH in Northern KY. South of Florence, KY just off I-75.

104 Miller Road Crittenden, KY 41030  

Main Phone: 859-428-0600
Main Fax: 859-428-2416 

What are your business hours?

8AM to 4PM Eastern - Monday through Friday

What are your payment options or terms?

We offer 1% 10 Days/Net 30 Days

Can you send me a price list?

Prices are provided as requested per quote

Can you color match to a specific color for special tube products or printing requirements?

We can color match from GCMI Colors

What is your minimum order?


What information do I need to provide to have a custom part quoted?                                   

Length of the tube 

Inside Diameter (ID) of the tube 

Thickness of the tube wall

Quantities of each size requested

How the tube will be used or handled

How are tubes priced?

Quotes for tubes will be per each or per thousand pieces

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